Our Story

From humble beginnings to Dubai.

The story of TEPfactor began to be written in 2012 when Tomáš Chroust opened the first complex of its kind in Czech Republic near to its capital Prague - TEPfactor Slapy. The idea of an adventure park did not develop all of a sudden from anywhere. It was anticipated by many long years of reading and studying adventurous books out of which came many wild ideas (many of these were crossed-out). A huge inspiration was also the famous TV show Fort Boyard which Tomas always wanted to try out for himself. The construction of TEPfactor was not easy, it was filled with sweat,  but also the enormous joy of every accomplished task as the center was built pretty much by hand.

The first year could definitely not be taken for a successful one. Then again, beginnings are always hard, right? Tomas was searching for the first customers with almost a binocular, he welcomed them personally, he himself even cooked for them hoping one day the spell will break. And one day it really did. The reputation of the TEPfactor slowly grew and the calendar began to be filled with customers. At this moment thousands of happy adventurers come to TEPfactor every single year having the time of their lives.

Why be limited by the borders of the Czech republic, when you can literally build entertainment centers all over the world?
And why not to start in the amazing Dubai next to the world famous skyscrapers? It was a massive challenge, however, Tomas and his team could not be scared of any challenges, right?
And that is why in 2018 TEPfactor decided to conquer the world. Once the Adventure Park was built in Dubai, we decided to come to our neighbors and started building in Warsaw. And that is just a beginning...