Adventure Park in Dubai

TEPfactor the Ultimate Adventure Experience

Looking to do something fun and exciting, but ran out of ideas? Do you want to gather your friends or family to spend a day full of adventures? Even though there's a wide array of leisure and entertainment activities in Dubai, finding a place for all ages is not that easy. But, we got you covered!

At TEPfactor, we've designed a unique indoor adventure experience that children, young, and adults will enjoy. Will you miss it? Dare to try our 21 challenges designed to put your skills, patience, and logic to the test while sharing a joyful moment with friends, colleagues, or your family.

TEPfactor is an adventure park in Dubai like no other where team-building is the prime star. Therefore, if you are on the search for a different weekend recreation or indoor activities in the Emirate, then look no further and come to TEPfactor. Book your ticket now and select your preferred date and time from our reservation page. You can also contact our team by calling us at +971 564 040 802 or emailing us at to learn more about our services. 


A Prime Spot for Adventure in Dubai

Planning an activity that both adults and children can enjoy can be difficult. And that's not all. How many times have you struggled to organize a fabulous day with your friends but couldn't find something suitable for everyone? That's what makes TEPfactor an experience out of this world. We are far beyond traditional escape rooms. Instead, we have designed a groupteam activity to enhance the participant's potential while collaborating to complete all the challenges.

Furthermore, TEPfactor was the first adventure park of its kind in Dubai. Since we landed at the caves of JBR, we have been providing countless moments of action and fun. So, whether you want to come with your group of friends, your family or organize a corporate team-building day with your work colleagues, our adventure park in Dubai is your best choice.

TEPfactor: The Ultimate Adventures in Dubai

Located in JBR Dubai, TEPfactor offers a wholesome indoor adventure experience, unlike anything the city has seen before.


Dare to Try Something New?

At TEPfactor, each challenge is designed to put all your cognitive and physical skills to the test. You will push your limits in a race against the clock, working side by side with your teammates.

Dare to try something new and disruptive in a safe environment in the caves of JBR. Unleash your full potential now!

more than a challenge


Corporate Team-Building

Corporate Team-Building

Besides all the fun and excitement, you can experience with friends and family, we also host corporate events at our adventure park in Dubai.

You can bring your company colleagues to spend a day working together with the aim of getting more motivated and creative teams, one of the best corporate team-building activities in Dubai.

TEPfactor: The Ultimate Adventures in Dubai

What Makes Your Experience at TEPfactor Unique?

There are several types of indoor activities in Dubai for people of all ages. And that's why finding the perfect spot to have a fantastic time playing and challenging yourself can be so challenging. Are you looking for a place to take your children? Are you organizing a different school trip, or perhaps a day out to motivate your co-workers?

Then, we can offer a unique experience that you won't forget at TEPfactor.

At our adventure park in Dubai, creativity leads the way through the 21 challenges. Participants divide into eight teams, and there's only one team per challenge at a time. Moreover, the expected time to solve all the tests is between 2-4 hours. So, there's plenty of time to enjoy yourself with friends while testing your skills.  


More Than a Challenge

When you choose TEPfactor for a fun-filled day, you also choose to put yourself to the most fun test of your life. Through each of the challenges, you will discover your inner strength to develop an improved mindset. Our indoor activities are more than just games.

More Than a game or Challenge


The Go-to Option for All Ages

TEPfactor: The Go-to Option for All Ages

Over the years, we have provided thousands of experiences that everyone enjoyed regardless of their age.

Our goal is to help everyone discover their potential in a fun-tastic way at our adventure park in Dubai.

Why Choose Our Adventure Park in Dubai?

Whether you want to boost the productivity of your employees or spend a family weekend day, our challenges are designed to meet everyone's demands. Teams have unlimited attempts to pass the stages, so there's no place for frustration here. On the contrary, patience is key to have a pleasant experience and unleash your full potential. What could be better than having fun and improving your skills at the same time? Well, that's what you'll find at our adventure park in Dubai.

Since 2018 when we first landed at the caves of JBR in the Emirate, we have served families, companies, and schools with tailored experiences. No two are the same. Each team makes its custom pathway through the challenges and creates an incredible moment packed with adrenalin and joy. The variety of tests questions the logic, push your physical limits, and develop your skills, making these indoor activities a top-pick among Dubai residents.

Adventure Awaits in Dubai

If you are an adventure chaser, you have come to the right place. At TEPfactor, we encourage disruption, creativity, and self-development, combining it with an exciting gameplay. So, create a team and try it by yourself. Adventure awaits at the leading adventure park in Dubai. 

Adventure Awaits in Dubai

Ready for the Next Adventure?

No other place can beat our adventure park in Dubai. At TEPfactor, we are waiting for you to have an unforgettable moment with friends, family, or colleagues regardless of age. So, why don't you jump into the action and get a confidence boost while having fun?

You just have to put your body and mind in motion and choose your teammates, and TEPfactor will give you an experience absolutely worth paying for! Be bold and brave and discover the best version of yourself with us. Give us a call today at +971 564 040 802 or send an email at to discuss your requirements and schedule your next adventure!