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Ultimate Teambuilding Experience

unique place for teambuilding activities

The first of its kind adventure experience to arrive on the shores of Dubai. A fun experience designed for everyone to enjoy in the caves of JBR. Expect rushes of adrenaline, hours of laughter, and memories to last a lifetime. 21 challenges around the cave will put your team to the ultimate test.

Unleash your competitive side as you work your way through four different categories designed to try your patience, fitness, logic, and skill. All you need is a great team of 2 to 6 players - create up to 18 teams at a time!

Complete 16 challenges and gather clues to open 4 bonus challenges. Only the determined can make it to the Final Chest and take home their prize. Challenge yourself.

Play for as long as you want. It takes teams between 2-4 hours to complete all 21 challenges. The minimum game is 1 hour, and you are only charged for the minutes you spend in the cave!

Get the freedom to accept challenges in the order you like. You get an unlimited number of attempts and even get to choose your difficulty level for each challenge as you go. Push your limits.

TEPfactor is a unique fun experience for anyone seeking an adventure. Ditch your usual routine and accept the challenge. Whether it’s with your 8-year-old, colleagues, school mates, or crazy friends - we have you covered.


Adrenaline pumping activities set in laughter filled corridors is as far as it gets from stuffy boardrooms, making a day spent at TEPfactor perfect for corporate outings. The ultimate bonding experience will unite colleagues as they take on challenges and get into the spirit of friendly competition in a non-traditional environment. Asides from the game, if needed we can pull out all the stops and provide firms with professional catering, accommodation in our partner hotels, transport and conference rooms.


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