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What Makes Our Birthday Party Packages Great?


It's your little one's special day, and there's no way anything could stop mom from organizing the most extravagant birthday in Dubai. However, birthday parties can be a lot of work, from choosing the perfect venue to cooking, decorating, picking a theme, cleaning up after the guests leave, and the list can go on and on. Party packages can be expensive and on top of that, you probably wouldn't want it to be just balloons, music, and a cake for your child's birthday.

Want something extraordinary? Give your child the TEPfactor experience for the most memorable birthday party ever! TEPfactor is unique, learning, affordable, and, most importantly: a lot of fun. Exclusively located in Dubai, TEPfactor excels at organizing birthday parties. If you’re looking for a birthday party package, your search stops right here.

Who Are We?


Located in Dubai, the city of gold, TEPfactor is a wholesome entertainment experience, unlike anything the city has ever seen. From the moment you enter, TEPfactor offers a complete adrenaline-pumping experience. Our world-class interior is meticulously designed to mimic an enclosed cave and encompasses a massive area between 10,000-15,000 sq ft in size. Our challenges are held across 21 rooms across the cave for a truly immersive experience.

In the last two years, over 70,000 tepsters have visited and loved the TEPfactor experience in Dubai, and we would love for you to join the TEPfactor bandwagon as well. From our humble beginnings, we have risen as one of the top tractions in Dubai. In just the first year of our inception, we were awarded the What’s on Award for Dubai’s favorite Attraction of The Year For 2019.

Trust us, we are your Dubai party experts.

The Ultimate Birthday Experience

TEPfactor's ultimate birthday experience package ensures that your child has a memorable time with their loved ones and friends. For parties and events, we are the absolute best.

Work as A Team

What makes our package so special for birthday bashes and parties is that participants have to work in a team of 2-6 members actively co-operating and co-ordinating to solve the various challenges spread across our hi-tech cave. It’s a perfect bonding experience.

At any given time, a maximum of 16 teams comprising of 96 players can take part in our exciting challenge. No matter how large your child’s birthday party is, we’ll make sure everyone can experience the TEPfactor.

kids team work
Exciting Challenge for kids

4 Exciting Challenge categories

Our challenges are a unique blend of fun and learning. As you participate in every challenge, it'll require the best of your logic, fitness, skill, and patience. Each category has five challenges that will keep you entertained for hours. Participants can take on the challenges in three thrilling difficulty levels-bronze, silver, and gold. There’s no way you wont love our birthday party packages.

A Game Within A Game

The TEPfactor cave is intricately designed with hints that’ll require the best of your problem-solving abilities. As you solve every hint, you can progress further and finally reach the 21st and the final chest. It takes 2-4 hours to complete all of our 21 exhilarating challenges.

The minimum time is one hour, and you'll only have to pay for the time you spend in our cave.

A Game Within A Game

Here’s Why Your Kids Will Love Us

We are the go-to venue in Dubai for events and parties. Our birthday packages have been loved by thousands of children and here’s why:


TEPfactor Is Unique

We aren't just your usual escape room; we are so much more. TEPfactor's ultimate birthday experience offers a wholesome experience like no other. You'll love to have birthday parties at TEPfactor every year.

TEPfactor Is Unique
TEPfactor games are full of fun

TEPfactor Is Fun

Kids are full of adrenaline, and nothing is fun if they don't get to release it. Our birthday package has been specially created for them.

The mind-bending puzzles and challenges at TEPfactor will offer your child, their friends, and you with a thrilling adrenaline-pumping party experience that no other game can offer. It’s a birthday party that they’ll surely remember for a long time.

Loved by Kids, Approved by Parents

When you look for birthday activities, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Don't worry, TEPfactor is the adventure specialist in Dubai. Our challenges are meticulously designed to ensure that your child and their friends are engrossed for hours.

Our state-of-the-art cave interior is set up to run the challenges automatically. From the moment you check-in and out from our challenges, our hi-tech sensors will guide you through every challenge. They'll love every second of the TEPfactor experience. That's not all; we understand birthday party packages can be exorbitantly priced especially in Dubai. That’s why TEPfactor birthday party package comes at a reasonable price. Our birthday package will include everything you need for the party of a lifetime.

Our indoor cave is child-proof, and you don't have to worry about any untoward incidents no matter how excited or thrilled your child and their friends get. Our expert staff will be there for you at all times.

What Makes Our Services Special?

Thousands of people have trusted us for their parties and events and here’s what makes us stand out:


The City That Has It All

TEPfactor is located in Dubai, the city that has it all. We are proud to have visitors not only from Dubai but from outside the city as well. Our indoor cave reflects the best of Dubai. Having a birthday party in Dubai is an experience you won’t forget.


Leave your birthday party organizing stress and worries at home. As soon as you enter our venue, we’ll take care of everything. You can join in on the adventure or simply relax and allow your children and their friends to have a fun and memorable birthday party package.

Expert Staff

Our expert team of staff is trained and experienced. From organizing the event to cleaning up after the birthday party and ensuring that your child has everything they need for a good time, we’ll be at your beck and call. You can leave all the birthday party responsibilities to us. Just focus on having a good time.

Hassle-Free Services

After you've decided to host your child's special day at TEPfactor Dubai, our birthday party experts will take care of the rest. From the cake and activities, our birthday package includes everything. We'll also discuss the payment upfront. Don't worry, we’ll inform you of everything you need to know about our birthday party packages and we guarantee you there are no hidden charges. At TEPfactor, you're assured of hassle-free transparent services.

Perfect For All Ages

Our unique set of 21 challenges are fun for kids and challenging enough for adults as well. You don’t have to stay at the sidelines of the party and just watch, you can join in on the fun and share a memorable and bonding experience with your children.

TEPfactor Is for Everyone

Anyone can participate in our adventure regardless of age and gender. Not just that, our indoor arena in Dubai is extravagant and large enough to accommodate every single one of your child's friends. TEPfactor is unique, fun, and the ultimate bonding experience.


The TEPFactor Experience

TEPFactor Experience

Book Your Event

You can give us a call or book your TEPfactor package online.

Discuss the Package

Our expert party planners will guide you through the entire content of our birthday package. If you want any modification, we can make that happen as well.

Make the Payment

Once you’ve finalized the package details, we will inform you of the full payment for the birthday package. No hidden fees or charges.

Visit Us at TEPfactor

After you’ve made your payment, all you need to do is visit us at TEPfactor with your child and their birthday party entourage.

Have The Time Of A lifetime

Finally, just relax and let us do the rest. We will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you have a thrilling party at TEPfactor. That’s it! Organizing a party at TEPfactor is as easy as 123.


Ready to Party? Give Us A Call


Ready for a birthday celebration of a lifetime in Dubai? All you need to do now is book an event with us. You can do it online or simply give us a call at +971 56 404 0802. After that, our party experts will guide you through the whole process. We’ll ensure that you have an experience unlike any other.

TEPfactor can also plan a surprise, customize the entire ultimate birthday experience, and offer great deals around Dubai JBR. That's not all, we also have special party packages and discounts just for you. Give TEPfactor a call to know about our birthday package and deals. We will give your birthdays in Dubai the TEPfactor.