Fun Challenges to Do with Friends in Dubai


Are you looking forward to spending an unforgettable time with your friends? Then you’ve come to the right place. Ditch those boring karaoke nights and mainstream escape rooms and take on the extraordinary with us; If you are looking for fun challenges to do with friends in Dubai. 

We have a plan and a perfect space for you, right here at TEPfactor filled with never seen before, mind-bending challenges, riddles, and quizzes, A thrilling “TEPfactor day” awaits you and your friends, unlike anything else you've ever experienced. So, gear up, gather your thrill-seeking squad, and get ready for electrifying fun challenges to do with friends in Dubai. 


Why Are We One-of-a-Kind?

What Makes TEPfactor the perfect place for fun challenges to do with friends in Dubai? The 21 challenges we've crafted are unique and precise with the aim to provide you an adrenaline-pumping experience. 

In addition, we offer three levels of difficulty for our challenges: bronze, silver, and gold. You'll move up to a more challenging level after you finish a level; It's a ton of fun with TEPfactor. What will it take for you to complete each of the three levels of difficulty?

Get your friends this Christmas on board for matchless experience that they won't forget by calling us at +971 56 404 0802 or contact us at today!

What Do Our Challenges Have in Store? 

Our 21 challenges aren’t your usual games. They are categorized into four categories that’ll test your patience, logic, fitness, and skills! As you solve one challenge, you’ll move on to the next one until you solve the 21st and final challenge.  
Open 4 bonus challenges by completing 16 challenges and gathering clues. There are only a few who can reach the Final Chest and take home the prize. Challenge yourself. You have as long as you want to complete all 21 challenges. Teams typically complete all 21 challenges in 2-4 hours.  


TEPfactor Dubai was created with a vision of providing people with a unique wholesome experience.

Unstoppable Fun at Our Futuristic Indoor Stadium

This season is ideal for a nice break from all the hard work your teams have been doing. Perhaps you had your teams working from home most of the year and want to reconnect them with a bonding activity.

Sandstorms, rains or the heats, nothing can stop you from having fun. How? Because all our 21 fun challenges to do with friends will be held in our futuristic indoor stadium with featuring several themed rooms for a riveting experience; you’ll be transported to a whole new dimension filled with fun and excitement.

Our indoor stadium is also fitted with state-of-the-art technology that’ll monitor your every move so that you can have all the fun while remaining safe and sound. All you need to do is have a good time.

Pull up your socks, gather your folks!

This is not one of the ordinary activities to do with friends, but an ultimate bonding experience! You'll put your teamwork skills to the test during this challenge. Working in groups of 2-6, you'll tackle our rip-roaring set of levels in this game. It’s one of the most ideal indoor activities in Dubai! It does not end here, TEPfactor challenge can be taken on by maximum 16 groups of 96 people total! You can be sure we can accommodate your group, no matter how big it is.

We at TEPfactor believe, the more the merrier. Like you enjoy a fun-filled day with your friends, we enjoy making that fun-filled day a possibility. So, buckle up for fun challenges to do with friends.

Fun Team building activities


A Complete Personalized Fun Time with Your Friends

A Complete Personalized Fun Time with Your Friends

Whatever the reason maybe, fun is promised at TEPfactor. Whether it’s your birthday, bachelor party, or just a get-together with your closest buddies, we can arrange one of the best activities to do with friends in Dubai right here at TEPfactor.

We can offer you a completely personalized experience. That’s not all, we also have attractive packages that can be completely personalized according to your requirements and budget. So, if you are still in search of places for fun challenges to do with friends in Dubai, TEPfactor is your destination.

How Do I Book A TEPfactor Experience for Me and My Friends? 

At TEPfactor, it’s a seamless process to book a good time for you and your friends. All you need to do is contact us and our customer representative will take care of the rest in a matter of minutes.  
Give us a call, let us know your requirements and schedule, and visit us for the time of your life. That’s all you need to do to experience the fun, laughter, and memories. Your friends will not only remember but will surely want to return for a similar day soon at TEPfactor.


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TEPfactor is fun, challenging, and will put you and your friends’ skills to the ultimate test. There might be tons of fun challenges to do with friends in and around the city, but none comes to the grandiose and excitement of TEPfactor.  

All you need to do now is connect with us and we will arrange the best experience for you and your friends. To book a date with TEPfactor, give us a call at +971 56 404 0802 and leave everything to the fun experts of Dubai.