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Are you looking to change your mindset and boost your personal as well as professional development? Also, do you know the importance of team building for everyday life? Then, you must join the ultimate team building experience in Dubai and build a better self while sharing a unique moment with friends or colleagues.

TEPfactor is a one-of-a-kind adventure park that goes beyond traditional escape rooms. Located in the caves of JBR in the Dubai Emirate, we have been providing unparalleled adventures for companies, families, and schools since 2018. Therefore, if you have had enough escape rooms and want to push your limits, jump into a different day experience and discover one of the best team-building activities Dubai.

We have the best indoor games for team building Dubai friends, so you don't have to look further. Give yourself and others the possibility to fine-tune mental and physical skills at our adventure park while enjoying a safe environment full of fun. Give us a call today at +971 564 040 802 or write to us at to discover what TEPfactor has for you and your team.

TEPfactor: The Ultimate Adventures in Dubai

There’s No Better Place for Team Building Activities

Team building is an art that requires patience and motivation. Sometimes, work colleagues' performance hits rock bottom, and raising their awareness and creativity becomes pretty challenging. So, how can you improve productivity and collaboration in your workspace or even in your daily life? The answer is, our adventure park with indoor games for team building Dubai-based is the go-to option.

At TEPfactor, we know that many companies offer corporate activities to motivate employees. But, none of them deliver an adventurous experience like ours. In that case if you are tired of the same dynamics over and over and want to push your limits in a disruptive way, put your teams in motion at TEPfactor.

Develop a More Collaborative Spirit

Raise your team's awareness and give them a motivation shot with our 21 challenges that will put their mental and physical skills to the ultimate test.

Participants have to cooperate in a race against the clock to pass each of these stages with diverse levels of difficulty that will undoubtedly improve the collaborative spirit.

Develop a More Collaborative Spirit


There Are No Two Identical Experiences

There Are No Two Identical Experiences

Our indoor games for team building Dubai-based were developed to provide a unique experience where no two are the same.

Each team makes its own pathway through the challenges testing its skills while sharing a good laugh. Hence, this is what makes TEPfactor unrivaled when it comes to team building activities.

Located in JBR Dubai, TEPfactor offers a wholesome indoor adventure experience, unlike anything the city has seen before.

Discover What’s Inside Our Adventure Park

Still wondering if our adventure park is the right choice for you? What makes TEPfactor so enticing is its buzzing atmosphere that gives participants an adrenaline boost. We have a wide array of activities split into 21 challenges focused on developing patience, skills, fitness, and logic.

Moreover, you can create multiple teams of 2-6 members with your collaborators or friends and compete against each other for a more thrilling experience. However, bear in mind that there can be only one team per challenge at a time. That said, there can be up to 16 teams playing and testing their skills at TEPfactor adventure park with a timeframe of about 2-4 hours to complete the whole activity.

Plus, our indoor games for team building Dubai-based go beyond traditional adventure activities and come up with a unique game plan. And what's even better, there isn't a specific order to finish the challenges, which makes the experience even more personalized.


We Deliver More Than Just Moments of Fun

Unleash your co-worker's and friend's potential at TEPfactor. Fun team building activities by TEPfactor are not only a source of fun but also a different way to improve cognitive and physical skills. In our adventure park, you'll have an unequaled opportunity to explore your limits and rise to a better self while having a pleasant time.

Why TEPfactor is a Top Choice for Team Building?

We know it can become a hassle to find team-building activities Dubai that are fun and at the same time are the ultimate experience to work on a more collaborative and motivated spirit with your friends and colleagues. We have been creating unforgettable moments since 2018 for corporations, schools, families, groups of friends. In addition, our prime location in one of the top-notch areas in the Emirate makes us a go-to option when looking for a different day activity.

Our goal is to deliver custom experiences across the 21 challenges in the caves of JBR, and we work hard every day to come up with fresh ideas. Plus, benefits are not only for the participants in the activity but also for people accompanying, as they get more enthusiastic and inspire teams, thus enhancing teamwork.

Don't miss the chance to upscale your business performance towards better results with an action-packed activity with our indoor games for team building Dubai-based. Share a joyful moment and fill it with laughs while testing your capabilities in a challenging way.


A Life and Mindset Changing Experience Awaits

Team building activities don't have to be boring. Dare to give your collaborators a day they'll never forget at TEPfactor. All of your skills at our adventure park will be tested with a very positive outcome, an improved mindset. Fun and self-improvement are combined to create a better version of yourself!

 A Life and Mindset Changing Experience Awaits


Get In Touch Today!

Team building activities are for everyone! Children, young and adults as well. We know that the Emirate has several adventure parks with an array of programs for different ages. However, at TEPfactor, we go beyond and deliver an unparalleled experience that cuts through the noise.

Today, you have the opportunity to gather a team and enjoy our indoor games for team building Dubai friends. Explore your inner self and discover your hidden strengths across our challenges. We create disruptive minds and build more collaborative teams at our peerless adventure park. So gather your group, put on your shoes and get ready to experince Dubai's one of the most favorite indoor games for team building!

Contact us today at +971 564 040 802 or send an email at to discuss your requirements and book an incredible experience.