Christmas Gift Vouchers

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Christmas Gift Vouchers

The most wonderful and magical time of the year is around the corner, and the rush for the perfect gift begins. Are you struggling to guess a size? Or trying to figure out how to fill the stockings of both kids and adults? Well, you have a unique opportunity to delight everyone in your hands with TEPfactor Christmas gift vouchers.

Put a smile on everyone's faces with an action-packed surprise this season. Our adventure park in Dubai is an unparalleled and joyful experience for all ages that promises to take the fun above and beyond.

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Christmas Gift Vouchers: A Gift for All Ages

Tired of searching for Christmas gift ideas for everyone? Let's face it. Choosing fabulous Christmas gifts for everyone can be a real struggle, and you don't want to tangle in a holiday rush for the perfect present. But, wouldn't it be great if there were a fantastic present that delights your loved ones regardless of their age? Then, give Santa's elves a break at the workshop with TEPfactor Christmas gift vouchers, the best choice to stuff the stockings this year.

Our adventure park has something for everyone with its 21 thrilling challenges that will put your logic, fitness, and skills to the test. Work in teams of 2-6 players and compete against other groups to complete all challenges at the caves of JBR.

The best part? You can create up to 18 teams and spend a thrilling and adventurous day filled with action and laughter competing with friends and family. Or perhaps you want to give your employees an out-of-the-box gift this year, attached with a unique opportunity to work on team building.

Therefore, our Christmas gift vouchers are the perfect present to unwrap a joyful holiday. Why? Because TEPfactor adventure park in Dubai doesn't require players to have special skills, competitive spirit and comfy clothes are all you need!

 Fun Activities for Everyone at A Prime Location

Experience our award-winning 21 thrilling indoor games in our innovative indoor adventure park.

Unwrap An Adventure This Holiday Season

What makes TEPfactor a peerless experience is that we are not a traditional escape room nor another amusement park. Instead, our 21 challenges will make you push your limits while putting your logic and fitness to the test through four different categories. Moreover, you can play as long as you want and take your time to solve the puzzles. The minimum time to participate is one hour, and teams can spend between 2-4 hours to complete the entire game.

But that's not all. At TEPfactor, we deliver a customizable experience as players can accept the challenges in any order with an unlimited number of attempts to accomplish them. Plus, you can also choose the difficulty level for each stage. So, wait no longer and choose our Christmas gift vouchers at TEPfactor to wrap up a dazzling surprise this holiday.

A Unique Location at The Heart of Dubai

Our adventure park in Dubai is located at a prime spot at the caves of JBR. So you don't have to plan a trip out of the city to spend an adventurous day in the Emirate. The action is right here at the core of the city! Besides, we are the first adventure park of its kind to arrive in the region, and we've been a top choice for those looking for a fun day in the area since 2018.

Even though we know there is a wide breadth of entertaining activities in such a buzzing city, the truth is that we are still the leading indoor adventure park for the public. Why? Because our unique challenges will put your body and mind in motion while having a good laugh with friends, family, or colleagues. So, what present could be merrier than our Christmas gift vouchers at TEPfactor?

Why Choose TEPfactor Christmas Gift Vouchers This Holidays?

Spread the sweet magic and joy of Christmas, giving your loved ones or (why not) coworkers a gift they'll never forget. TEPfactor is more than just an adventure park. It's an adrenaline-charged experience, where no two games are the same. The pathway through the game is full of surprises that everyone, regardless of their skills and age, can solve.

Moreover, it's a game within a game, as players can unlock four bonus challenges when completing 16 of them. That's why determination, patience, and teamwork are the keys to a successful journey through each puzzle!

Can you imagine a better surprise gift that both kids and adults would enjoy? So then, wrap up our Christmas gift vouchers, the only present that comes with batteries already included!

More Than Just a Game

Our adventure park in Dubai not only guarantees a day full of fun charged with tons of laughter. It's a great spot to develop a better self and improve your fitness and mind skills. Here, kids 8 and up, youngsters, and adults can enjoy an adventurous journey through the different challenges as all the activities were carefully designed to cater to all ages.

That's why everyone can have a great time at TEPfactor and live an experience like no other in the city. We are more than just a game. We are the chance to unleash your competitive side and push your limits in a fun way. So, this year put our Christmas gift vouchers in Santa's wish list and give everyone a dazzling surprise!

 More Than Just a Game place

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The hunt for the perfect present is over with TEPfactor Christmas gift vouchers. Put a smile on your friends or family's faces with a spectacular and unforgettable surprise that's packed with action and fun.

Our prime location and the wide range of activities with different difficulty levels combine to create a fantastic and customized gift for everyone regardless of their age.

Get in touch with us today to learn more at or speak with our staff at +971 56 404 0802. Let’s celebrate the season by spreading the Christmas cheer with a gift like no other wrapped up by TEPfactor!